Stories the Ocean Holds

When walking by the shore, picking up seashells is only natural. In Hawaii, I collected ocean treasures by the beach. Yet, it was my “Kuleana“, a Hawaiian word to describe one’s shared responsibility, to place them back. What I brought home as souvenirs from Hawaii were stories from some of the best storytellers I’ve ever met. These stories about our collective kuleana are ones … More Stories the Ocean Holds

The Secret Sandpit

The cold winds of Fall are sweeping Quebec already, and I though I would share with you all a glamorous day in the world of wood turtle conservation. It can’t all be Hawaiian sunshine and Mai Tais, right? On this day last year: My right hand has stiffened into a claw, and my muscles are sore … More The Secret Sandpit

Disposable straws

Trigger warning: blood and animal harm. I’ve participated in my share of garbage cleanups around my home town. Canada’s winters will hide a host of detritus to be revealed by meltwaters come spring. Even in a place far from the sea like Ottawa, I am very aware of where all this roadside plastic will end up … More Disposable straws

Post-Congress Trepidations

September 12th – 8h37pm EDT – Philadelphia International Airport I’m exhausted and my head is still at the World Conservation Congress, the debates of the IUCN Member’s Assembly ringing in my ears. The book Hawaiki Rising, a gift from the Young Professionals Pre-Congress Workshop, rests on my lap. Island sand in my shoes, sea-salt snarls in my … More Post-Congress Trepidations

If I could buy the World an Underwater Experience

“I’d like to buy the world a house, and furnish it with love. Grow apple trees and honey bees, and snow-white turtle doves”. I went scuba diving on the reefs of Oahu yesterday. If I could gather a crowd of young multicultural singers to spread a message of protecting the world’s oceans from a verdant … More If I could buy the World an Underwater Experience

Nature Calls

Are you stressed at work? Getting migraines from extended screen time? Easily-distracted? The Doctor called and prescribed a solid dose of Nature. All ages are allowed an unlimited subscription to this prescription. The side effects of laughter spread through the World Conservation Congress audience as we viewed the following Nature Rx video. The panel speaker/producer Justin … More Nature Calls