The Secret Sandpit

The cold winds of Fall are sweeping Quebec already, and I though I would share with you all a glamorous day in the world of wood turtle conservation. It can’t all be Hawaiian sunshine and Mai Tais, right? On this day last year: My right hand has stiffened into a claw, and my muscles are sore … More The Secret Sandpit

Disposable straws

Trigger warning: blood and animal harm. I’ve participated in my share of garbage cleanups around my home town. Canada’s winters will hide a host of detritus to be revealed by meltwaters come spring. Even in a place far from the sea like Ottawa, I am very aware of where all this roadside plastic will end up … More Disposable straws

Post-Congress Trepidations

September 12th – 8h37pm EDT – Philadelphia International Airport I’m exhausted and my head is still at the World Conservation Congress, the debates of the IUCN Member’s Assembly ringing in my ears. The book Hawaiki Rising, a gift from the Young Professionals Pre-Congress Workshop, rests on my lap. Island sand in my shoes, sea-salt snarls in my … More Post-Congress Trepidations

If I could buy the World an Underwater Experience

“I’d like to buy the world a house, and furnish it with love. Grow apple trees and honey bees, and snow-white turtle doves”. I went scuba diving on the reefs of Oahu yesterday. If I could gather a crowd of young multicultural singers to spread a message of protecting the world’s oceans from a verdant … More If I could buy the World an Underwater Experience

Island Earth

Madeline and Lester had us scrambling to leave the Big Island of Hawai’i. Not a couple of disagreeable Young Professionals from the Pre-Congress Workshop, but hurricanes with 120 mph winds. With all the hiccups I’ve had with flying recently, I was more than okay to the idea of switching our flights to earlier ones. Just as … More Island Earth

Flexibility is key

Travel, travel. You must always be prepared to have your plans change at the last-minute. I was supposed to leave from Ottawa yesterday, to start making my way towards Hawai’i and the World Conservation Congress. I was excited, I was frantic, I was trying to see how much scuba gear I could get away with … More Flexibility is key